Down to the river to pray

This is not the first chapter that I appeared in Meghan’s story, nor her’s in mine. Last year I had put together a photographic series called “Postpartum Awareness” where I encouraged women to  share stories of their postpartum experiences. I wanted to reach out to other mothers by saying ” Hey you, beautiful woman over there, you are not different and you are NOT alone!” Meghan’s story was one of  immense strength, boundless love and immeasurable bravery.  So to capture this little snippet in time for her  was something I felt so honored to do.

 I  approached the bank of the river, thinking  how special it was that Meghan wanted to be by the water for her session.The river is my sanctuary, as my eyes close and I lift my face towards the sky, it ripples past my toes like icy ribbons of silk. The air is cool with the smell of stone and earth. The river is so symbolic for the passage of time  and how we navigate through this momentous journey, and how we find pauses in our life to look back and reflect on the past.  As the mid afternoon sun started to sink in the sky, soft and hazy  it blanketed the tops of the maples with it’s rich golden rays, the kids threw rocks into the river. Watching intently as tiny ripples become big ripples that then turned back into the rushing ribbons of the current. After a short while we walked up the hill they unfolded a small blanket, unpacked their market basket and broke bread together, laughing, eating and enjoying the company of each others arms.

Blowing bubbles into the wind the kids frolicked and danced,  evoking memories of my own childhood, wind in my hair and sun drenched skin and without a care in the world. As we finished our time together we returned to the river, as if it was calling for us, to say goodbye, to say thank you, to remind us to bask in the small moments and memories we make with our families each day. As I drove off I felt an immense feeling of peace, of serenity, of newness. My spirit had been renewed.





There is something inside of me that has awakened.

Sure, it could be the hormones from having a baby or maybe, it is just part of me changing and blossoming naturally. Between raising my 10 month-old son, owning a business, buying our first home, chasing after my three year-old puppy, and trying to find some down time to spend with my husband, life has been spinning me around in circles. Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and well, you know how the rest goes. I realized it has been eight years since I last updated my website and I cannot remember the last time I have sat down to write and reflect about my photography, so I figure now is as good a time as any.

As I sit here, I gaze out into the woods and I realize that my photography style is starting to slowly shift in a direction that has been calling to me for years. For some reason, I have always been too afraid to hear, but now I am listening, hoping to be more like the trees nestled in the backyard of my new (to me) farmhouse, the trees that make it seem effortless to bow with the wind. It has been a difficult path to this point, filled with both ups and downs, self doubts and creative blocks. There have been times when I have doubted my choices and the journey I have chosen but, here I still stand, my heart rooted in each photograph I have taken.

I hope you will join me as I share my work and bear a small piece of my soul with every image. I am forever grateful to have your company as I travel down this imperfect path that we call life.