I'm gonna ditch the formalities and dive right in.Meeting new friends and Talking about ourselves can feel awkward, So let me take the wheel here and go first...

This Is Me

I grew up a child of the world, my father was in the army so we were constantly moving. The first environment I can remember is the marketplaces of South Korea. Steamy, loud, colorful and bustling with people who spoke a language I couldn't understand. I attended 13 different schools from kindergarten to high school, another year meant another town, another school, and another group of friends. It just what life was, but to this day those moments defined who I am as a person, and how I am able to connect with my clients and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I graduated from  Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2003, and I now live in the beautiful rolling hills of Southern Vermont with my husband Joe, who happens to be an amazing DJ, son Oliver and sweet puppy India. Traveling the world is one of my passions, but capturing intimate moments between people with my camera is the other. I started photographing weddings full time in 2007 and have worked with some of the best vendors in the wedding industry since then. 

How many of you get sweaty palms and a racing heartbeat the moment you think of having your photo taken? Guess what...it DOESN'T have to be that way! Long gone are the days of having to stand in one spot, look at the camera and smile. If you're looking for that one perfect family photo for your holiday card, then i'm just not your gal. I want to tell YOUR STORY of who you really are! I want to dig deep into what makes you uniquely YOU and who you are as a couple! Do you both like to hike and drink beer! AWESOME! Let's strap on our boots, grab a six pack and go adventure. Do you dream of wandering through the red rocks of Sedona in a romantic Reclamation Dress (I have one woot woot) Let's DO this shit! Let's get rid of the idea that photos have to be boring and let's freaking adventure. I will be here to help guide you, help direct you and most of all help you relax and let loose. Really, I mean I want you to leave thinking "I wanna do that again!" I promise you will ;)

Let's Ditch perfection and just be  R E A L

My life is a non stop journey, made up of little moments of laughter and big moments of adventure. I want to tell YOUR story, just how you FEEL it to be. Not how a photographer wants it to look. 

Your Legacy

Whatever your story may be, it will be your legacy. These photos will be what tells your story long after you're gone, for generation after generation. Let's create an authentic experience that speaks your truth, not the vision of someone else's. Let's bag the cheesy poses and get up close and personal with who you really are. 

Wanna Do This?

A few things to recap...If you're looking for perfectly posed photos, where everyone is looking at the camera i'm not your gal. If you're looking for me to stage every aspect of your wedding day or elopement, I'm not your gal either.If you're on a budget and are looking for discount services I definitely am not your gal. As I firmly believe that the quality of my work and experience speaks for itself. I know I will not be the photographer for everyone and you know what!? I don't want to be and that's ok! Everyone deserves to find the RIGHT photographer for them! 

BUT if you are a bride who doesn't mind getting her dress dirty as we run through the mountains of Vermont, or kicking your shoes off to trek up some of the red rocks of Sedona. I am your girl! If you are a couple who loves to adventure and wants to capture real and authentic moments, I'm defiantly your girl!
Some things I WILL help you with!
-Need help getting your wedding timeline in order! I got you!
- I will absolutely help direct you into natural poses that make you look and FEEL comfortable 
-I promise to make all kinds of fart jokes and will have kick ass prompts that get you to unfold, relax and spark those amazing candid moments.
-I will TOTALLY help you decide where we should adventure off too for your destination session and  can help you dream up of places to go if you're just in the beginning stages of planning!

Mini Session Films

Mini Session Films

So If I'm your girl shoot me a message and let's dream up an adventure that will last a lifetime.






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