The Rembrandt Series

When Winter arrives and the cold drives me inside instead of out with my camera it is an automatic time for a lot of reflecting. Not only on how I want to continue to grow my business for the following new year but for my artwork as a whole.  December rolls around and to be honest i’m usually so tapped out creatively that I actually really look forward to the few months of quiet. My creative brain doesn’t usually re-awake until about February but this past year has been SO different. I don’t know if it’s since becoming a Mom and my brain makeup has changed, or that I feel more inspired than ever but I just can’t keep the creative juices from flowing.

I love that I have the ability to play and create out of my own desire during the winter, and not that I can’t do that during the spring/summer/fall. But busy schedules with weddings and portraits leaves me little time to really just create for the sake of it.  And that is where The Rembrandt Series was born. Before I even picked up a camera I had a love for drawing and painting, although nothing to the extent of Rembrandt I feel like creating these painting like photographs is a little like revisiting childhood memories. It’s comfortable and nostalgic, and most of all it’s so DIFFERENT from what i’ve been doing so it’s incredibly exciting.

I’ve found that as an artist sometimes we can try to push ourselves too hard to be creative, try too hard to be either different or the same and I fell into that path for a while. I think I had to really take a step back and let my inner artist recalibrate and figure out what she was really made of. These past two years have held such incredible growth for me as an artist, sometimes it actually knocks the breath right out of me to see how much i’ve changed. But in a GOOD way, it’s exciting, it’s scary but it’s also so freeing.

This series first started out in my house, it started off simple, no real props just a photo of myself, then of myself with my son. One morning it just hit me like “EUREKA!”, when this happens there is no stopping me, i’m literally like a tornado. My brain is going a million miles per minute and I feel like I turn into some mad scientist.  My poor husband came downstairs to the love seat pulled out from the wall and across the room, clothes all over the floor , a half naked baby running free and a big piece of black paper tapped to the wall. He’s such a good sport, knowing that I was creating a brain child he immediately comes in and asks how he can help. I set the focal points on my camera and tell him exactly what I wanted in the frame. My heart was POUNDING, I was so excited. I mean do you ever feel this way when you do something you love? It’s an intense adrenaline rush! SO, A few snaps later what seemed to be a dauntingly long import into LightRoom a quick edit in Photoshop and boom! MAGNIFICO!! The Rembrandt Series was born!

I then decided to incorporate my dog and then my Sisters,  which was the first of the propped photos “The Pie”. OH THE PIE, so dreamy and real! I felt like I was in that old cottage kitchen and I could feel the breeze brisk through my hair and I could smell the dough rising in the oven.  With each image I created I felt more and more inspired and the ideas just kept coming. We then created the next few photos of the series with my Sister Holleigh at a friends sheep barn, filled with beautiful Mama sheep and baby lambs, rustic patina colored walls and hazy sunshine flooding through the windows I felt like I was transported back to the Renaissance days. This is exactly what I wanted to portray and evoke, I wanted people to feel as if they were transported back into time.

I just adventured to a local spot called The Hildene for my next additions to the series, and it was divine. Each room was a perfect stage, each pose telling it’s own story, I left with the feeling that my cup overflowith. I’m going to share the newest photos here before anywhere else because it’s more fun that way. I’m hoping that once i’m finished with the series I can hang them in a gallery for a bit, or do something unique with them! Do you have any suggestions for what I can incorporate for my NEXT addition? I’m all ears!



Much Love, Celia


#1 Mother


#2 Our Father


#3 The Pie


#4 The Companion


#5 Daybreak


#6 At Morning’s Light


I haven’t named this one yet or released it aside from here! 🙂


#7 Pine and Parchment


#8  The Kitchen (NEWLY released only on the blog!)


A quick little selfie at the end of my latest session, sometimes it’s important to get in front of the camera too 🙂


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