And then there were four

I absolutely love when I get to watch a family grow. Even more so when I get to document it through my photography, it’s really so incredible to be apart of someones chapter. I feel honored when my clients come back to me time and time again, that is why this session holds a special spot in my heart.

 I had first met Megan and Nick back in 2013 when I photographed their wedding , so of course it pulled at my heart strings to photograph them once again, but now as a growing family.  I was really excited when Megan wanted to do more of a lifestyle session that was based in their home which is less posing and more  capturing natural and real moments between my clients. I’ve found a deeper appreciation for lifestyle photography,  especially now that I’m a mother I’ve grown to learn that these sometimes quiet and intimate moments are really the most beautiful and cherished ones to capture.

I pulled into Megan and Nick’s driveway around 10am, the sun was soft in the sky, not quite ready to make it’s appearance from the array of clouds that slowly drifted by. Two black vintage rocking chairs  adorned the front porch and as you walk by they softly whisper for you to take a seat, kick off your shoes  and rock the afternoon away. I breathed easy as I entered their charming farmhouse, quiet and clean, with soft ambient light billowing through their windows. From room to room I stood back and watched as Megan and Nick navigated this new course of parenthood. It was spectacular.

One thing that was so apparent was the partnership that Megan and Nick have, I saw joy in both of their eyes as they shared little tasks like changing Taylor’s outfits and taking turns softly rocking her when she was upset. It’s  really such a beautiful  thing to see two people bloom as parents, seeing their eyes glisten and their cheeks glow, I could feel the love with every click of my shutter as it vibrated in the hollows of my chest. How beautiful is life?!

As the morning guided us along, I captured moments that I know I would have loved as a parent myself. A soft kiss, a gentle squeeze of your baby’s hand on yours, the pursing of a mothers lips as she tenderly hushes her baby to sleep. Capturing just a small flash of time, a tiny breath, an inhale and exhale of love splashed in to the great big sea of life. Stolen for a moment to never be lost. How special I felt that I was there so these moments can remind them of a time that will someday seem like it was just a short while back. That someday they’ll look at these photos and remember all the feelings of newness, of excitement, of joy and exhaustion that new parenthood brings out.  But someday can wait, as for now, I was just allowing myself and them to be present, to slowly allow time to pass by as I tried to take it all in.

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