A dog, some chickens and a growing family in the country

Shannon had messaged me a few months back about wanting to do a maternity and newborn session, already having  three year old twins she like the idea of a lifestyle session, more of a little glimpse into everyday life with her family, and a little less structure and more real life. I couldn’t have been more on board with the idea especially with where my style has been shifting, this is exactly where I want to see more of my work going.

We started our adventure in the kitchen, where they baked homemade millet rolls.  Little bare feet adorned the clean kitchen counter and melodic squeals danced through to the top of the ceiling as the twins stuck their hands into the cold and gooey dough. After they put the baking sheet into the oven they all jumped up onto the couch (ok maybe just the kiddos jumped onto the couch) to snuggle up to a favorite story…or two. I love that no matter how many times kids hear their favorite stories their eyes still light up for every page, it’s literally like magic to them.

As soon as story time was over we leaped and skipped through the dining room and out the door. I had a hard time keeping up with their fast little legs, as they so effortlessly ran and twirled and summersaulted around as the air danced through their hair. The smell of fresh cut grass and the feeling of late afternoon sunshine was the only thing on their minds…and chasing the chickens.

After a good half hour of play, we ended our day with a picnic underneath the pines in the soft moss. The smell of fresh baked rolls filled the air, the cracking of hard boiled eggs and soft clanking of water glasses embraced the sounds of giddy laughs and fruit kisses. With dirt on their clothes and a little mischief in their eyes truly childhood is magic.

As I waved goodbye as they saw me off from their porch, I was in an almost dream like state. I felt like I captured some of the most special and intimate moments for this family, a peek into their life before baby.  I felt, with each photo that I edited that it spoke to me, whispering that these will be moments looked back upon for ages to come. That as the children grow older and the sounds of little ones becomes softer in the air, that they will be able to look at these photos and still remember the sounds of squeals echoing through the living room. They’ll remember the smell of fresh cut grass and warm millet rolls, and they’ll remember the feeling of the wind dancing through their hair. Remembering their childhood, from this one small glimpse of time.

And in that very moment, I fell in love with my craft all over again .




There is something inside of me that has awakened.

Sure, it could be the hormones from having a baby or maybe, it is just part of me changing and blossoming naturally. Between raising my 10 month-old son, owning a business, buying our first home, chasing after my three year-old puppy, and trying to find some down time to spend with my husband, life has been spinning me around in circles. Days turn to weeks and weeks turn to months and well, you know how the rest goes. I realized it has been eight years since I last updated my website and I cannot remember the last time I have sat down to write and reflect about my photography, so I figure now is as good a time as any.

As I sit here, I gaze out into the woods and I realize that my photography style is starting to slowly shift in a direction that has been calling to me for years. For some reason, I have always been too afraid to hear, but now I am listening, hoping to be more like the trees nestled in the backyard of my new (to me) farmhouse, the trees that make it seem effortless to bow with the wind. It has been a difficult path to this point, filled with both ups and downs, self doubts and creative blocks. There have been times when I have doubted my choices and the journey I have chosen but, here I still stand, my heart rooted in each photograph I have taken.

I hope you will join me as I share my work and bear a small piece of my soul with every image. I am forever grateful to have your company as I travel down this imperfect path that we call life.